Happy 60th Birthday Barbie

Happy 60th Birthday Barbie

Barbie might now earn a pension
Although that she may not want to mention
For today’s the day to celebrate
At 60 she’s still looking great

Her boyfriend Ken is not so old
Much less glamour to behold
But Barbie’s fame stretches worldwide
Plaudits come from every side

Throughout the years she has evolved
To hold the limelight she resolved
Come change of fashion or of taste
No opportunity did she waste

Following trends where ‘ere they led
Barbie’s fame became widespread
Responding to the social mores
Her style part of the nation’s story

In dress Barbie sought to respect
A world not devoid of flaw or defect
Equal choices for the sexes
In working clothes were soon reflected

Barbie dolls have weathered every storm
Aware of what now is the norm
Through every challenge secured survival
Gaining success over every rival

So congratulations Barbie on this your day
Sixty years no one can gainsay
You’ve become a national treasure
In that success we all take pleasure

Ken Fisher

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