Vaccination Frustration

Vaccination Frustration

Have you not yet had that call?
To turn up at surgery or hall
Ready with your arm laid bare
At your age It’s only fair

But are you waiting for the call?
Abiding by the protocol
Not trying to skip the queue
Stoical but feeling blue

The government tells us to keep calm
A short delay will do no harm
But even those who’ve had jab one
Demand jab two be quickly done

So all this amounts to much frustration
Pent-up demand throughout the nation
The powers that be do sympathize
Preferring we don’t criticise

But we are told to bide our time
Eventually it’ll all be fine
The experts know what they are doing
To avert the threats that might be brewing

No gloomy thoughts should dominate
Some slight delay should not frustrate
Don’t sit at home and darkly brood
Try to adopt a cool Zen mood

Ken Fisher

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