The Bigger Picture

The Bigger Picture

What’s for tea?
Do you think it’ll rain
Is the gas bill due
Is the weather the same

Does this shirt need ironed?
Can I borrow your pen
Did you switch off the light
Must I ask you again

Did you fill up with fuel?
Call in at the bank
Remember kids’ sweets
Or did your mind go blank

‘Midst these myriad affairs
Imposing strictures
Obsessed with minutiae
Where’s the bigger picture?

But there is more to life
Than the common task
Of some loftier aim
Perhaps we should ask

Neglecting not
Those who on us depend
Widen our vision
Our talents extend

A bigger picture
Of the purpose of life
Revealed through thoughtful reflection
Takes shape
When we open our heart and mind
A quite different observation

Ken Fisher

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