Austrian Delights

Austrian Delights


Salzburg from the Hohensalzburg Fortress

As one who has never visited these parts before, Austria
provided an endless cascade of new images, new sensations,
new experiences, new stimulus to the eye, and for the ear.
Altogether a challenge to all the senses, a delight to the spirit

The nation nurtured the talents of Mozart and more than one Strauss
And two Gustavs each lived in a Viennese house
Mahler the composer and Klimt who painted ‘The Kiss’
Found in that city all they might wish

And we must not forget or sublimate to avoid
The great musings of psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud
The Emperor Franz Joseph was a significant figure
But the Viennese disliked being ruled with such rigour

Not withstanding the importance of this capital city
To neglect all the rest would be rather a pity
The banks of the Danube yield treasures in store
In the Wachau valley Melk and Krems will help the wine pour

Without doubt a visit to Salzburg will bring great delight
Mozart was born there, its baroque buildings a wonderful sight
Stroll through its Mirabell Gardens, or to its high fortress ascend
From every invasion its walls could defend

But there is so much more to enjoy in this magical land
The lyrics of ‘The Sound of Music’ are always at hand
In that enchanting tale which the world captivated
It seems the real charm of Austria is encapsulated

Ken Fisher


The Kiss – Gustav Klimt

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