Religion without Dogma

Religion without Dogma



What is religion without dogma? Can one exist without the other?
What are each of these anyway?
Religion – a particular system of faith and worship
Dogma – a principle laid down by authority as being true

Perhaps these definitions all too brief and inconclusive.

What is religion if it is stripped of its dogmatic claims?
What is dogma without being legitimized by religious vestments?
What is religion deprived of its dogmatic fundamentals?
What is dogma without the Church which affords its mouthpiece?
What is religion without its doctrines, teaching, and theology?
What is dogma let loose of the teaching of the churches?

When I first heard this phrase Religion without Dogma I was intrigued as to what the speaker meant.

I think the claim may be that religion would be freed by the divesting itself of dogma, which however true when it was promulgated, no longer speaks to humankind in the world of today.

But where does that leave the rather dogmatic assertion that there is such a thing as Eternal Truth – a concept at the heart of many religions?

[Of course Dogmatic statements are applied widely outside the realm of religion]



Ken Fisher

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