The Poetry Geek

The Poetry Geek

On the words of my verses I sometimes reflect
Thoughts enter my mind completely unchecked
When agonising over my writing technique
I think I’m becoming a poetry geek!

Geeks are defined as being somewhat inept
Whose social skills are far from perfect
Of the normal world they lack understanding
Coping with life they find quite demanding

But I would argue in my defence
That through poetry I simply try to make sense
Of the world that surrounds us each new dawning day
That all of us face in both work and at play

Poets try to expound on a novel idea
Or what’er may arise from our hopes or our fear
Sometimes they wrestle with unanswerable questions
But at least from their broodings they may offer suggestions

Some would say, do something more practical
Than juggling with words in a manner didactical
Yet perhaps by these musings I may avoid strife
I might even discover the meaning of life!

So geeks have their place of that there’s no doubt
If only we could discover what they’re about
And poetic geeks should be permitted a voice
If you listen or not is a matter of choice

Ken Fisher



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