Toxic Positivity

Toxic Positivity

Do you ever feel the challenge to be Positive,
To look on the Bright Side
To Smile through it all,
Sounds like a prescription gone Toxic?

Echoes of the careworn nostrum
“the Power of Positive Thinking”
A bad case of bloody-minded joy
Replace sadness with gladness

What’s wrong with low mood?
Feel guilty admitting it
Pretend everything is hunky-dory
When it is nothing of the kind

How about a little honesty?
We are all human
Not robots with no emotions
Zombies devoid of feelings

Mind you there might be
A Toxic Negativity
Unable to delight in anything
Denizens of a dystopian world

So how do we strike the balance?
Sanity perched between spurious positivity
And synthetic euphoria
A precarious equilibrium

Perhaps that’s just the human condition
We must learn to ride the crest of the wave
And swim back up from the trough
Like emoticons for smiles and tears

😀   😢

Ken Fisher

See similar sentiments in this poem: The Tyranny of Positivity

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