At Last the Sun

At Last the Sun

Can it be true?
Those shafts of radiated light
Beaming their way through the loft window
Renegade sun returns after long defection
Eyes blink in gratitude and wonder

Had we lost faith?
Surely winter would doff its cap
The gentle kiss felt on our cheek once more
Tiny shoots stretch ever upwards
Penetrating the slowly thawing soil

Do we have hope?
Our planet’s steady turning
The tilt of our northern hemisphere
Angling us to catch those solar rays
Brings longer hours of light and warmth

Why do we fear?
This magical dance twixt sun and earth
Might cease its endless paired gyration
Not in billions of years has the globe ceased spinning
Nor halted our planet’s orbital progression
Thus the succession of each season in its time

Ken Fisher


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