[The Bard of Kelvindale’s 700th Poem on this site]

Words and verses, most with rhymes
Usually with just four lines
The fruit of my poetic venture
Throughout the Bard’s six year tenure

No political point was e’er intended
No ideology have I defended
The project, the reader’s mind to stimulate
Perhaps even amuse and educate

If I have prompted cogitation
On themes worthy of consideration
On solid facts or some abstraction
That to me yields satisfaction

I hope there has not been too much repetition
On topics that might seem like obsession
Perhaps some issues became endemic
Thus the dominating pandemic

But overall I tried casting the net wide
And for this I take some pride
Within the ‘pages’ a range extensive
And of the ‘categories’ nothing offensive

So what is my plea to you that browse?
Let me still that curiosity arouse
Don’t just check the recent posts
Dig much deeper among the hosts

Anyway it is you dear reader who will decide
Perhaps daily life keeps you preoccupied
But if one a day you find you’re unencumbered
Delve in deep into my own Seven Hundred

Ken Fisher

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