The Mother of Invention

The Mother of Invention
[Adapting to cope with the Covid-19 pandemic]

As you know Necessity is the mother of invention
And now that normal life is in suspension
There is a pressing need to discover a solution
To the new problems requiring resolution

Now there is a very powerful incentive
So scientists and engineers are being inventive
In adapting their machines to other use
That threats to life they might hopefully reduce

To help patients suffering from the virus
Is an objective most desirous
Thus former domestic devices and equipment
Being redesigned to help in urgent treatment

But not only in the field of technology
Have we been forced to change methodology
Home-schooling and online education
Must now help in the mind’s formation

At supermarkets when replenishment of our fridge is due
We must line up, well spaced out in the queue
No jostling for bargains is allowed
Of taking only our allotted share we should be proud

As church worshippers can no longer gather
To praise God and even just to blether
They’re not now assembled in one room
The Service beamed out to each one through Zoom

And for all those accustomed to fine dining
Convivial outings, with good food and much wining
Now celebrate an event or a birthday
Phoning Just Eat for a meagre take-away

Of course you must not forget your daily work-out
To ensure you avoid getting stout
The 1980’s Green Goddess re-invented
By new TV personal trainers we’re tormented!

And what about the loss of your daily occupation
Earnings shrinking right across the nation
It’s not that anyone wants to shirk
But how can idle hands invent new work?

So now we’re all made prisoners in our home
With very limited permission to roam
Let’s hope we can maintain that serenity
While this confinement remains necessity

Necessity is the mother of invention
We’re still filled with mighty apprehension
But as human mothers duly gave us birth
Invention, her progeny will surely save this earth

Ken Fisher

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