Anniversary of Web-Site Launch

Anniversary of Web-Site Launch

The Bard Of Kelvindale


It’s time to celebrate because one long year has passed
Since the Bard of Kelvindale decided to broadcast
To an unsuspecting world his poetic compositions
Which was until that time an unfulfilled ambition

It all began with birthday rhymes for the family members
So that these festive days would not go unremembered
And then moved on to verses about the every day
Events that happen to us as we work or play

Writing of the poems themselves was not the only trial
To gain confidence in WordPress also took a while
The magic of this software needs seen to be believed
And even now my competence shows how little I’ve achieved

However, I did (word) press on and to spice up the mixture
I added to almost every post a captivating picture
From time to time I have changed the template that I used
I really hope that my readers have not thus been confused

You may have seen the scope of work is really quite extensive
And the range of themes is certainly not exclusive
The poems on the website can be searched by category
Each section highlighting a different kind of story

Some of you dear readers have sent comments oh so kind
If they had been different, I don’t think I’d really mind
The statistics seek to show how the Bard has performed
And these results ensure I am kept informed

So thanks to all you browsers who have duly sought me out
More than 750 individual ‘visitors’ managed to turn out
And altogether over 5,900 ‘views’ of my poems were seen
Not a bad achievement since first I hit their screen

I know that some of you might feel the rhyming style I use
Is somewhat contrived, sometimes even abused
The meaning might be lost just to complete a verse
Enslavement to rhymes can become a curse

I would accept that comment but ask you to forbear
Not all my rhymes are so contrived, you really must be fair
And many of the poems are blank verse or even verse that’s free
Take a closer look, a longer browse, and this you’ll surely see

As well as the poems themselves the site has other useful information
About myself, some life events, worthwhile communication
There are also links to other sites which might yet stimulate
Just click on these, as each is waiting to amuse or educate

So finally my friends thanks for your faithful dedication
I hope my writings have caused you no frustration
The flag at the top of my site claims ‘Poems to Stimulate the Mind’
And that was my intention when the blog was first designed

Ken Fisher

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