Divine Illumination

Divine Illumination

Stained Glass windows of Cologne Cathedral


Long before the age of computer graphics
Or even the gentle art of ‘lantern slides’
The stained glass windows of our great cathedrals
Shone their mellow light revealing God’s eternal truth

The stories of prophets and apostles
The deeds of patriarchs and Kings
The incarnation, life, death and resurrection
Of the Lord and Saviour of the world

Thus was revealed to simple souls
To whom the art of reading was yet unknown
The testimony contained within the Bible
From Pentateuch, through History and Poetry
The rebuke and chastisement of the prophets
As they sought to speak the truth to power

Then to the Gospels telling of the Nativity
The earthly pilgrimage of our Lord
His healing work and saving power
His trial and cruel death upon the cross
Towards the empty tomb
And His ascension from this world

Finally the writings of Paul, James, Peter and John
And then the Revelations

Each and all of these episodes in our Bible
Brought to life and given powerful impact
In the art and craft of stained glass
No more commanding testimony than this
As sunlight filters through projecting the Message
Not only to our eyes but piercing deep into our heart

Ken Fisher


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