My Shiny New iMac

My Shiny New iMac

P1060641 (2)

I am now the owner of a shiny new Mac
Having got this beauty, I don’t want to turn back
I have released my grip on the Snow Leopard’s mane
To excitedly cavort with El Capitan!

Probably none of the above will make any sense
And if you know nothing of Macs that’s a good defence
And here is more jargon, just to show off
The retina screen is indeed very posh

Inside the casing so slim and so light
The massive store holds one whole terabyte
Its internal chips ensure remarkable speed
No matter how complex the input we feed

So I have to say I am feeling euphoric
Although yet to master its rules esoteric
And also it does give me cause for alarm
As I transfer old data, avoiding all harm

Anyway I forge ahead with this wondrous new toy
If you are a geek you would admire such a ploy
But I do hope this Mac containing such treasures
Will give faithful service and bring me much pleasure
Ken Fisher

3 thoughts on “My Shiny New iMac

  1. Enjoy, enjoy, but I have to confess when I saw the title of this piece I did not think Mac computer…I thought waterproof rain Macintosh for rambling and city streets. Anyway, take pleasure in your new toy.


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