If Typists Were Poets!!

If Typists Were Poets!!


If typists were poets what would be the effect?

Not a single ‘typo’ would you ever detect

The spelling and syntax all perfect would be

And correct punctuation I am sure you would see

But there’s more to a poem than neatly typed letters

If its words are intended to make us feel better

The emotions expressed or the ideas portrayed

Are greater than ciphers however displayed

So let’s never forget when to verse we resort

Lack of good grammar should not ever thwart

Our attempts to convey what comes from our heart

Our stumbling attempts to turn words into art

So if you aspire as a poet or a bard

Of course you will find it is often quite hard

To ensure that your words cause no great confusion

Or your readers bemuse by some obscure illusion

So as you reach for that keyboard have the spell-check to hand

And with your ideas your world will expand

But be careful to type well and present a clear case

And even take care as you choose a typeface

Ken Fisher

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