The Golden Rule

The Golden Rule

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”


How should we live? What star to guide? What precept, rule, or adage?

To show the way, to guide our steps, to grant to all advantage

Philosophers have wrestled with such thoughts since the very dawn of time

Theologians on this too did meditate in their visions quite sublime

Religions, which in many things have views widely diverse

Nonetheless in this respect appear to here converge

The Golden Rule, its woven thread, reflects a note of concord

Its warp and weft unites these faiths, bound by this central cord

What is that Rule whose words contain this universal truth?

Its maxim undisputed requiring no more proof

It’s simple guidance clear to all who will to it give ear

Its blessings gained by all who willingly adhere

To reciprocate is of the Rule its very essence

Mutual love and kindly deeds in it find coalescence

How e’r we act to all around must truly thus reflect

The love from them we hope to find as they us too respect

And so in the creeds of ancient faiths we find it universal

That we should love and in that love discover its reversal

So why not now that ancient Rule make central to our living?

And all our deeds and words reflect a life of generous giving

Obedience to the Rule thus made our paradigm

Following in the footsteps of our dear Lord divine

Thus as each day we seek to live preferring one another

And in return find due regard from sister and from brother

Ken Fisher

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