Early Winter Frost

Early Winter Frost

The clocks put back the week before
Already cars enwrapped in hoar
Window scrapers called to service
For the future we feel nervous


Does this herald the arrival
Of another challenge to survival?
Perhaps this fear precipitate
Too soon to settle winter’s fate


And with the cold comes brilliant sun
Both young and old partake in fun
The parks are full like a cried fair
Stale lungs are filled with frosty air


Autumn transformed to winter’s chill
Thus earth its treasures to distil
The trees bereft of fruit or leaf
Present a skeletal motif


And bustling crowds in shops and street
Anxiously at times compete
To finish all they have to do
Fore twilight heralds its curfew


But darkening days need not make fear
Life still provides much that can cheer
As we return to hearth and home
Content for now, no longer roam


Thus life adjusts to fit the season
Each changing month provides the reason
As daylight hours begin to shrink
Of warmth and home is what we think


But in due time as days roll on
We gradually discern that dawn
Creeps ever earlier though the pane
Renews our spirits once again


Ken Fisher

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