The Excesses of Christmas – Not All Bad!!

The Excesses of Christmas – Not All Bad!!

[Written just before Black Friday 2015]


The lips of pious Christians at this Advent time of year
Are prone to complain that all sacredness is lost
Christmas without Christ is what they seem to fear
The Baby from that manger has readily been tossed

Mind you there still remains some attachment sentimental
Christmas carols, ‘holy’ cards, and the school nativity
And Christingle shows a glimmer of light transcendental
But it’s the secular not the sacred that centres much activity

Of course for some this loss of its religious heart
Robs Christmas of all its meaning, even all its worth
The love radiating from the stable no longer does impart
And few can accept that mysterious virgin birth

However attempts to turn the clock back are really rather futile
And after all the vast majority of the modern populace
Do not have any such inhibitions, no such petty scruples
They are pleased to welcome ‘Christmastide’ and duly it embrace

So our fellow citizens en masse will not hesitate to revel
Melt down their plastic in a mighty hedonistic spree
Dance happily with the world, the flesh and the devil
And unashamedly express their joy and untold glee

But the question is – is excess all that bad?
Is there not a time when we all should celebrate
And despite these days of darkness a need to still feel glad
And from our burdened shoulders shed that heavy weight

Let the ancient power of the Story still speak to hearts and minds
Let’s not deny the right of those who uphold sacred tradition
But the festival of winter belongs to all humankind
And a little excess in living still a welcome intermission


Ken Fisher


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