Turkey Dinner [Not recommended for vegetarians!]



It’s that time of year again when diets are discarded

When reasonable restraint seems no longer such a virtue

After all ‘tis the season to bring benevolence and charity

To all God’s creatures – except perhaps the fated fatted turkey!


It’s amazing how most of us neglect this flightless bird

Throughout all the other months of our culinary calendar

Then suddenly, as advent signals the season of “goodwill”

This benign breed now the object of desire


Who can ignore the flavour of that firm carved flesh?

And that savoury stuffing to complement the meat

No-one can resist those chipolatas and the veg

Ambivalent views of sprouts resolved among the piping gravy


And as our picture shows the Yorkshire puddings

Join together with the carrots red and peas so green

To present the diner with a mélange incomparable

A harmony to delight the palate and the senses


So we should indeed give a thought for the unselfish turkey

The crown and centre-piece of this delectable display

And give thanks that unlike us – the beneficiary of their goodness

They bring to us such pleasure and seek nothing in return


Ken Fisher


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