Will You Still Say to Him – No Room?



The words of the familiar Christmas song say:

“No room for the baby at Bethlehem’s Inn

Only a cattle shed,… nowhere to lay his head etc.”


Will you still say to Him – no room? 

I wondered if in this modern sophisticated age
There is even less room now than in those ancient days?
A glance at the nativity scene no longer can our souls engage
The conjunction of God in man fails to set our hearts ablaze

We’ve grown beyond such simple tales of the incarnation
Who needs God when mankind becomes of all things the true measure?
The manger scene no longer commands awestruck prostration
Our hearts now drawn to the shrine of our own worldly treasure

We have ensured that in our life so self-sufficient
The only saviour that we need, immortalised in our possessions
Achievement and success regarded as omnipotent
No more obliged to appease a God with praises or confessions

So why I wonder do we still cast a wistful eye
Towards that stable bare where power was turned upon its head?
The star still twinkles in the dome of that celestial sky
Pointing to the Holy Infant in the manger bed

But perhaps in all our self-assured and confident living
We may just falter for a moment, our souls yearning for a home
And for all life’s blessings make our own thanksgiving
Discover, for that Baby, in our heart there still is room

Ken Fisher

A happy Christmas to all who read this, and other poems, from thebardofkelvindale

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