Looking Forward



A brand new year, its days stretching out before us

What might they hold, of good or ill, who knows?

Does it fill our minds with hope or trepidation

Will it bring joy or sadness, pain or pleasure?


In childhood life is lived forward day by day

In youth, excitement and anticipation

Each year a preparation for the next

When confidently we will take flight


The middle years building a career

Vying with others for pride of place

Not only in the world of work

But in relationships yet now so transient


Then life casts upon us its heaviest burdens

As we seek to nurture those around

While responding to the call of duty

And yet still trying to be ourself



Each day seems to pass like a blurred photo

No time to look at each image one by one

Responsibility must be our watchword

Commitment is our master of all things


And then suddenly we ask – another year?

Where have they gone – much less ahead

Than once there was in front

The summation of life in days and years

[Is this it? Surely not!]


Ken Fisher



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