Theological Reflection?

Theological Reflection?



What do we hope to find by looking in this clouded glass
Inspiration and light from beyond ourselves?
Or do we secretly own that what we sense and feel
Is really all that we can ever know

Do we think that we can catch the essence of belief
And through the microscope discern its substance
Or is this such a beast defying all taxonomy
No simple categorization, no box to tick

And yet theology has been a jewel in the crown
Of ancient seats of learning o’er the land
As in humble pulpits and cathedrals great
The faithful glimpse the treasures it enfolds

Theology brings our focus on to God and all things Godly
Thus we wrestle with the faith, salvation and the trinity
Stretching from creation to paradise or hell
Aided by the Church, its worship and its sacraments

But each and all of these not without great contention
The people drawn together in oppression
Only to be set at odds by schisms and division
Historic blood shed, nations cast asunder

And theological standpoints have prompted zealots to their mission
Demanded colours be nailed to the mast
From ancient crusade and modern wars claimed ‘just’
Sown seeds of revolt and of reformation

Yet theology has fuelled the rise of many a worthy cause
Of missionary fervour, thus lives reformed under its saving power
So in its glorious vanguard it gave the genesis that makes life rich
Without its prompting, souls lost, lives unregenerate

Under its sway theology embraces, or so it’s claimed
The arts, the sciences, and every sphere
Where humankind has placed its imprint
A cornucopia of all endeavour, of every earnest quest

While we sit cozily debating the finer points of doctrine
The history of commitment and dissent
Can we ever really do justice to this project
How can we on such splendour e’er reflect?

And so we seek to steer a course amidst the overwhelming tide
Of all that is the majesty of theology, the nature of our God,
the systematic study of religion and the impact of its doctrine
How in life’s experience we may find reflections of these truths made clear

Thus in the mirror where we seek His face
God’s transcendence through all time and space
The immanence of God found near at hand
Only revealed as we accept His grace

Ken Fisher





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