Keeping Up Appearances

Keeping Up Appearances



Lots of energy exerted to keep that mask in place

Fearful that the world might glimpse no smile upon our face

Determined at all costs to keep up the appearance

Hold on to that rictus grin with dogged perseverance


Would it not be refreshing if just once in a while

We faced the world without that radiant inane smile?

Surely in our inner souls we often want to scream

So why no honest glower instead of radiant beam?


Whatever happens we must look always on the bright side

The optimistic outlook must ever be our guide

Come what may our behaviour quite heroic

Perhaps just now and then why not be a po-faced stoic!


Keeping up appearances no doubt has its own merit

But if our stance is false it does us little credit

And if the expression that we offer is simply a façade

The world will soon realise our dazzling smile’s a fraud!

Ken Fisher


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