Stop the Treadmill I want to Get Off


It has often been said, with a deal of regret

That life is a treadmill we must never forget

Great is the effort we expend every day

Hours of hard work and so little play


And yet we are told that’s how the world works

We must all do our share, no-one should shirk

On this collective effort the economy depends

Long working days and quite short weekends


Productivity must increase more every year

Falling short of the target is something to fear

More goods and services has become our new God

If a good standard of living we are to afford


This is all very well I hear you accede

But why must serving that treadmill become our new creed?

Surely our aim is not to live just to labour

But to enjoy all the pleasures a good life should savour


So let us remember to give the treadmill its place

But find enough time the ‘good life’ to embrace

And if this balance we then can achieve

Our lost contentment we might soon retrieve

Ken Fisher

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