We Are Short of a Sucker

We Are Short of a Sucker


For quite a while now we have felt lack of suction
‘Cause our old vacuum cleaner would no longer function
It would often blow out when it was meant to suck in
Which would suggest some deep conflict within

We stripped it down as best we could
And fiddled with bits that no lay person should
Screws were removed and dirt extricated
Just in case its internals were found constipated

But no matter how deeply its guts we did prod
It became ever clear that something was flawed
So today we agreed that despite all our stewardship
The machine’s only future was ‘off to the tip!’

So this afternoon we had to take an excursion
And purchased this lovely shiny new version
Initial trials of this modern domestic appliance
Confirm this is how one should apply science

Therefore let us hope all our dust problems are solved
As the Hoover Hurricane’s blades fastly revolve
And all dirt and grime will meet its due fate
This machine was designed to facilitate

Ken Fisher

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