Better Together (Not in the political sense!)

Better Together (Not in the the political sense!)


[A bad hair day!]

Shampoo and conditioner, a useful combination
Eliminates ‘bad hair days’ throughout the entire nation
Toothbrush and toothpaste used each morning for a while
Freshens breath, cleans the teeth, makes confident our smile

Motor cars need fuel or they never can go far
The humble jalopy or the sporty Jaguar
Fish tastes so much better accompanied by chips
I bet the very thought makes you lick your lips

Pens and pencils are of little use without some paper
If we want to leave a note for our helpful next door neighbour
A lamp without a bulb is a very dim affair
Left in the dark we surely would despair

Shoes without their laces are liable to fall off
But those fitted with Velcro make the youngsters scoff
Clocks with no hands leave you to guess the time
And for many, being late is something of a crime

When washing our face we need soap as well as towel
For if soap gets in our eyes it can sting us something foul
And for a snack what can better than tasty beans on toast?
Together these two will credit any host

So from these little verses I think you’ll get the notion
Some things in our lives are closely interwoven
They are quite useful on their own, and can give us lots of pleasure
But when partnered both together, can be ever so much better

Ken Fisher


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