A new word has appeared to describe the fact
That every young person must always react
With their mobile screens of whatever design
They worship as idols housed in a shrine

The new word is ‘screenagers’ but applies to all ages
And devotion to screens seems to infect at all stages
From tiny tots playing CBeebies games downloaded
To schools kids and students where Mindcraft has exploded

But grown men use screens throughout their busy lives
Keeping in touch with their kids and their wives
Mobile devices help us to deal with the homework
Knowledge unlimited on tap on the network

So phones have evolved and are ever so smart
Kindles and tablets play a significant part
Lap-tops and desktops are still much alive
Without PS4, Xbox and Nintendo we’d never survive

We have all become ‘screenagers’ in this age of the screen
They are part of our life, as much as caffeine
It makes one wonder how we lived life before
Without the screens – was life such a bore?

Well here we now are on Facebook and Twitter
New ways to keep our minds active and brains even fitter
So let us hope all these hours using computing devices
Will be a great  boon that’s hiding no vices

Ken Fisher


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