Exam Results – Congratulations and Commiserations

Exam Results

Congratulations and Commiserations



In Scotland today comes the hour of great trepidation
As candidates await with some consternation
For the message to wing its way from on high
From those who your scripts have to classify

Nowadays you don’t have to wait for the post
Texts and emails reach the land coast to coast
But if you prefer the news by simple snail mail
I hope the results don’t make you turn pale

As in the past there will be those filled with joy
And others who think their hopes are destroyed
Quite a few will feel a great sense of relief
Yet others whose message seems beyond belief

So whatever the news that you receive on this day
For good or ill, or perhaps just some shade of grey
Take it calmly and look onwards to what to do next
There are so many choices, so don’t be perplexed

Ken Fisher

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