Retirement gives you time to reflect, and sometimes you might ponder
What happened to all those earlier years – we surely did not squander
But here we are, much more behind than what’s in front for sure
Despite the wisdom of the years the future still obscure

Today’s retirees should not be as depressed as those of former days
On average a longer span is ours – for this the medics praise
And of course it probably is true more days are surely ours
‘Cause good diet and exercise, have helped us keep our powers

Indeed we all know of pensioners who refuse e’er to stand still
Their commitment to volunteering and busyness now their treadmill
Others spend their cash as the globe they circumnavigate
Perhaps they hope to reach the moon before it is too late!

All of this activity is a blessing and a boon to themselves and others
As they seek to help their offspring, even their sisters and their brothers
And there is little doubt charities and clubs and other organisations
Would fail in their mission without the ‘oldies’ co-operation

But there comes a time in the life of every retired person
When steam runs out and once easy tasks now turn into a burden
It’s then that they must claim their right to take their well earned ease
And they at last must realise that rest is no disease!

Ken Fisher

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