Just a Thought

Just a Thought

[A thought for the Walkers of the WECWC]*


On our walks we’ve travelled many a mile o’er Scotland’s pleasant land
But sometimes we would do well to look quite near at hand
For on our very doorstep great beauty can be found
So pause a moment to enjoy the local sights and sound

And each season brings new vistas and prospects to admire
Light and shade, and wind and rain, can set our hearts afire
For month by month we watch the cycle of growth to fullest bloom
And as the year progresses life declines to darker gloom

But we take heart that near our own door such solace can be found
And reflection of life’s changes are apparent all around
So let us choose, just now and then, to wander near at hand
And as we do we’re sure to find pleasures quite unplanned

So why not set your sights a little closer some time soon
I’m sure that you will find this a blessing and a boon
You need no car to take you to where this can be found
A few minutes walk is all you need to find such joy unbound

Ken Fisher


All views – Glasgow’s Botanic Gardens

One thought on “Just a Thought

  1. Such a lovely place. Lovely shortcut to uni – – and everywhere! Also fond memory of sledging down the Botanic slopes. And viewing the Bahamian cascarilla in the greenhouse. And puzzlement at the ‘Nubian’ statue at Kibble *lol*. Lovely place indeed.


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