You have no doubt heard lots about exercise
To heed that advice is certainly wise
To keep our bodies ever on the move
Is something we should learn to love

‘Cause the experts tell us that physical activity
Is far better for us than mere passivity
So make sure you keep swinging those arms and legs
And don’t simply languish in your comfy bed

Our muscles come in all shapes and sizes
To keep stretching them the physio advises
If they are not used on a regular basis
We might encounter some bodily crisis

Similarly the joints that link up the bones
Might grind to a halt for reasons unknown
So the best advice for the human frame
Is constant movement to avoid getting lame

Exercise can improve all sorts of diseases
Heart problems, the liver, and type 2 diabetes
It is even claimed that it’s good for the brain
So get out of doors and ignore any rain

Avoid sitting on your couch or the life sedentary
Make going outside your routine customary
And if you can accept this discipline severe
You’ll be the healthiest old codger in that bath-chair!

Ken Fisher


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