What’s on Your Mind?

What’s on Your Mind?

                        Images of the Human Brain

Have you ever been asked what’s on your mind?
What thoughts, ideas or dreams therein confined
Who would believe this odd wrinkled brain tissue
For science and philosophy a controversial issue

There is debate on the notion of mind and soul
Are they separate things or just one complete whole?
The mind is our faculty for thinking and knowledge
The soul where the spirit perhaps may be lodged

The mind gives us power to act and remember
The soul helps our wild emotions to temper
Some would dispute that the soul does exist
But belief in the mind we cannot resist

So when we are asked what’s on our mind?
We expect a response of a certain kind
At this present moment what thoughts do we hold
Of what brilliant ideas as yet untold

Throughout our life thoughts throb in our head
Begun before birth, to end when we are dead
Much asked of the mind with alchemy obscure
And we are blessed it has such power to endure

So be thankful for your mind and for its health
Source of such pleasure and of great wealth
And if you cannot ensure it stays always pure
At least with the years may it grow more mature

As for the soul, altogether less clear
Custodian of eternal hopes and fear
Yet surely we are more than merely thoughts
The enduring value of all e’r we wrought

Ken Fisher

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