BOGOF [Buy One Get One Free]


[Buy One Get One Free]



You are no doubt familiar with the technique
A marketing device, by no means unique
Whereby you are tempted to buy more than one
Because to get two they don’t increase the sum

Contrary to what you and I might well think
This has not been contrived to simply hoodwink
For centuries these offers were seen to be good
Apparently first used by Josiah Wedgewood

BOGOF is a method of marketing things
Extolling the benefits claimed goods will bring
Services too are sometimes offered in doubles
At no extra cost nor any more trouble

Economists claim that BOGOF increases sales
And the costing structure takes account of details
So although two items are given in exchange
Any loss of margin the turnover regains

So that is why BOGOF items appear regularly
And with sellers and buyers it has popularity
This clever marketing trick can simply combine
Your satisfaction with their bottom line

Ken Fisher



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