Moving House

Moving House

Moving house is quite an undertaking
The hassle might even be rather breathtaking
Ensuring that all your furniture will still be fitting
When you’re involved in what the Scots call a flitting

Then there are many other things to consider
Is my present wardrobe smaller or bigger?
To fit into that bijou space which seems so tiny
Never mind at least the new kitchen’s all clean and shiny

Will there be a fight in the family as to which room you get?
If it’s like most normal households that’s a reasonable bet
Then it’s time to assert your own authority
Making sure your desires are given priority

Then there is the need to decide on the colours you use
For carpets and paintwork, so much to confuse
And if you agree that you need new wallpaper
Get ready with ladders, and paste and the scraper

But no doubt in time it will all sort itself out
Keep a cool head and try not to shout
I hope all that inside work is not too much of a burden
‘Cause when it’s done you need to start on the garden!

Ken Fisher



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