Cleopas and the other disciple meet the 
risen Lord on the Emmaus Road
[Luke Ch 24 : v 13 -35]

How might we discern the meaning of events?
Sight alone will not provide the answer
The inward eye is needed to reveal the truth
Insight slowly gained to travellers on the Emmaus Road

Intuitive sight awakened when bread was blessed and broken
Realization dawned on their benighted hearts
The gloom and despondency uplifted
Joy returned and faltering faith restored

Just as in times of old we too must seek perception
That moves away the clouds of doubt and disbelief
And life’s experience is seen in clear significance
The purposes of the providence of our God

Grant that we might discern the meaning of events
The little incidental chips that form the overall mosaic
Thus trusting despite our  opaque vision
That God’s overarching purpose will not fail

Ken Fisher

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