Teflon or Velcro

Teflon or Velcro


Human personalities vary to a great degree
To describe them all is really quite beyond me
But a shrewd observer has summed it in one phrase
Are we Teflon or Velcro in the manner we faze?

If life’s problems and trials simply bounce off our back
If everyday irritations don’t turn our mood to black
Then we’re more like Teflon that can easily repel
And cast aside the issues that would our peace dispel

On the other hand some of us simply can’t let things go
More like Velcro sticking fast to each new-found woe
Every change and chance in life’s daily grind
Ensnares us with chains that forever bind

But perhaps these labels are really far too neat
The Velcro types do not always taste defeat
Teflon champions cannot always win the day
‘Cause life isn’t black or white, it’s often rather grey

Can we learn anything from these categorisations
What principle of action, what helpful application?
Teflon and Velcro, both useful innovations
But of personality, surely not  complete summation

We each are born with characteristics quite unique
Some bold and confident, others shy and rather meek
So we must work with what we have and try to do our best
And branded role models should not be the only test

So thank you Teflon, you’ve shown us to resist
Testing times and challenges that seem still to persist
And Velcro, you’ve warned us not to let all things stick
And perhaps to grow a hide that’s just a little thick

But in the end, no matter what life may become
Full of excitement or even quite hum drum
Help us in all things to steer the middle course
Whether Teflon our Velcro be the dominant force

Ken Fisher

[I published an earlier version of this poem in September 2015]

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