I Stride With Purpose

I Stride With Purpose
By Oliver Fisher

I stride with purpose, meaning and power-Strutting one by one.
See saw shoulders and heavy feet, that collapse with swagger on the beat.

The energy of youth lights me up,
Sealed in a bubble
Of naive optimism and gross confidence
Yet scared by the passage of time.

No step wasted, each one placed
With graceful arms that swing and sway.
A permanent path, structured linearly
And unknown destinations seemingly.

Winding roads wait ahead, to wander blind.
Find my way through daily grind as future Prospects become behind-
And zero rest for my poor mind.

Infant innocence put to rest,
Pumping heart and pushed out chest.
Beating head and coursing veins that
Digest and pulsate endless names.

In the end i can only believe-
I am what i think, i live as i perceive.
And the energy i emit from within
Always comes back for me to receive.

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