Lentil Soup

Lentil Soup



I wonder if it is possible for you to envisage a plate of lentil soup
Without finding that your mouth is watering?
Now I am devoid of any culinary skills whatsoever
But when I am treated to a hot bowl of this delectable concoction
I am almost overwhelmed with delight

Apparently this tasty broth can come in many varieties
Each with its own distinct charms to stimulate the palate
So there are versions with red lentil, chickpea and chili
And others comprising carrot, onion, celery and oregano
Vegan soup that will respect some dietary preferences
And for meat-eaters why not try lamb stew and lentils?

A quick trawl through the internet or the cook books
Will lift the pot lid on recipes galore for lentil soups
Try the economical ‘budget buster lentil soup’
At 20 pence per serving – just the thing when times are tight
For more savings – make double quantity and freeze some!

Lentil soups seem to come in a wide range of colours
From rather pale consommé to dark chunky offerings
And some types are gluten free while others offer high protein
And for those needing things to be pepped up a bit
Why not go for carrot and ginger with lentils?

So what more can be said about this quotidian potage?
I think the simple message is – if you are searching
For some food that’s truly nutritional yet irresistible in taste
Look no further than the humble bowl of lentil soup
I bet you are still licking your lips as you think on it!

Ken Fisher