On Retirement

On Retirement

There comes a time later in life
To say good-bye to working strife
At last the chance to take our ease
And do just what ourselves will please

In work our daily grind provides not a little tension
So nice it is at last to say, thank goodness for the pension!
And if the scheme will grant us an even bigger crumb
We’re really in the money thanks to that Lump Sum

Ahead of us the prospect of a life of idle leisure
Of days and weeks when we indulge whatever is our pleasure
In our mind’s eye how nice to see
The prospect of a life quite free

And yet perhaps we do glance back at all that we have done
At tasks achieved, at battles won, and worthwhile things begun
Life is a journey, new steps each day
There’s no going back to fix regrets, no matter what they say

But after all, it’s best for us simply to forward face
And trudge along the road ahead keeping a steady pace
Life has been good, despite the pain
And year on year we’ve seen the gain

So as we enter this new chapter of our living history
We go in trust for much remains still a deep mystery
But if we’re able to hold on to our living zest
There’s little doubt that come what may we surely will be blessed.

Ken Fisher

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