The Middle Classes Under Siege

Middle Classes Under Siege

The backbone of our nation’s frame
Bending under excess strain
This vital prop helped states walk tall
No longer would prevent their fall


What is the cause of this malaise
What shadow darkens our sun’s rays?
Once confident, the middle classes
Reduced to equal working masses


The problem seems lack of regard
For gains achieved from working hard
Democracy downgrades respect
Advantage no longer is unchecked


Re-distribution might be fairer
But state largesse should still be sparer
Ignoring those who pay more tax
To keep the budget in the black


And with costs of living ever rising
Retirement recedes to far horizon
Offspring laden with early debt
Their student spending we regret


For them where is that bright career?
Basic wage for many a year
How can they ever own a house
Let alone afford a spouse


And adding to that angst and tension
Don’t forget they’ll need a pension
So middle class comfort just a dream
Forlorn hope their life’s new theme


Traditional values swept away
New changes we face every day
Lasting friendships seem to fritter
Replaced by chit chat via twitter


And marriage too has felt the strain
Broken bonds bring mighty pain
Families often re-invented
Lost happy days now much lamented


After decades of advance
The middle class looks round askance
For years they’ve given of their best
And now they feel the dispossessed


So what can they do when so perplexed?
There is no point remaining vexed
They must give thanks for all they’ve gained
And maintain their efforts unrestrained


Because without the middle class
The nation fails, we say alas
And duty ever was their strength
To run the course what e’er its length


The upper classes thrive the more
Accumulating wealth galore
The gap twixt them and all the rest
Reflects how they are surely blessed


The working class seems still to suffer
But benefits to some extent bring succour
The middle class gets scant reward
Life costs them more than they afford


So what’s the point of being the middle
Those above are on the fiddle
And those below with no ambition
Eye those above with deep suspicion


Is this the lot of our middle class
To be a buffer what e’er may pass?
Just keep calm and carry on
Into this legacy you were born!


Ken Fisher

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