Autumn into Winter

Autumn into Winter


Autumnal winds and darkening skies have already taken toll

The branches of once sheltering bowers stripped naked to the soul

No longer sunlight shafting through the leaves, trees stark against the sky

Fading memories of summer warmth, bring to our hearts a sigh

But all’s not lost, the Autumn tints can yet delight the eye

And oft far above our heads a lofty azure sky

Beneath our feet a multi-textured carpet cushions where we walk

And as twilight comes it’s home and hearth the object of our thought

But this season of transition is not all foreboding, filled with gloom

Of course the flowers of summer no longer radiate their bloom

But while horizons drop and outdoor prospects shrink

A closer focus affords more time to pause, a chance to think

So as we reflect on nature’s yearly pattern, and every changing phase

Our inner eye may contemplate the passage of our days

Let’s give to our Creator thanks for all that’s passed, yet what may remain

And lay again our trust in God who all our life sustains

Ken Fisher

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