Any Difference?

Any Difference?

When the ‘good and the great’ depart from the scene
Will people remember who these leaders have been?
Do we fear for the future, how will we survive?
With these notable persons no longer alive


Their deeds hit the headlines, their words we recall
Their actions important no matter how small
The press paid them homage and their face was well-known
All that they did seemed to bring them renown


Apparently this is the way of the world
‘Celebrities’ matter, so they must be heard
Their pictures all over the newspaper pages
Note extravagant spending from excessive wages


But I ask this question, did it really matter?
All their crazy antics and quite inane chatter
What difference to us did their lives really make
What benefit came to us all in their wake?


So here is a thought for each and for all
Let us make a difference, be we oh so small
By our love for each other eschewing all fame
However humble our deeds, or obscure be our name

Ken Fisher

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