A World That’s Black and White

A World That’s Black & White


Sometimes I yearn for a world that’s black and white

No shades of grey, of course no colours bright

There would be a right answer to anything you ask

One correct way to deal with every issue, every task


When asked a question we would not need to hesitate

A clear cut answer, no time required to prevaricate

Because all solutions would be either wrong or right

In that monochrome world of only black or white


But sadly life is rarely quite so simply organized

Its diversity and choices are not always harmonized

So only black or white will quickly disappear

And faced with such variety, sometimes we may fear


But we should cast aside our doubts and happily rejoice

Our world offers to each one of us a multiplicity of choice

With all the colours of the spectrum to delight our eyes

And infinite alternatives bringing sparkle to our lives


Ken Fisher


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