Desperate Dan

Desperate Dan


On a recent visit to bonny Dundee

Our hearts were filled again with glee

As we caught sight of Desperate Dan

The Dandy’s favourite comical man


On the high street he holds a place of honour

Like a war hero or an ancient martyr

But his deeds were not in the arena of war

But in the comic cartoons no-one could ignore


His diet would not be commended today

Cow pies are certainly now quite passe

And that stubbly chin these days might offend

Not what the barbers would now recommend


But Dan didn’t worry what others would think

Just like pals Dennis and Minnie the Minx

His main role in life was to bring us a smile

And let us forget all our woes for a while


So thanks to the town of Dundee and its press

Whose comic characters such humour express

Jam, Jute and Journalism were this city’s great trades

And thus Dan’s place of honour we all serenade


Ken Fisher



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