Ex Nihilo

Ex Nihilo [Out of Nothing]


It is a miracle beyond our reach or understanding

That all there is in this great wondrous world

The glories of earth and sea and all that live therein

The plants and every creature dominated by mankind

Began from nothing, only a vast and silent empty void

Can this be so when we reflect on the wonder of creation?

Its infinite variety from tiny insect to mighty behemoth

From oceans’ plankton through to basking whales

From tiny seed to lofty trees and golden harvests

And humankind with all its power and ingenuity

Of course Darwin traced the evolution ever onward

Of this great cavalcade of progress down the years

And now the notion of the Big Bang as prime mover

Provides for some the answer of how indeed all things began

But what was there before the Big Bang? I hear you ask

NOTHING, of course.  It all came from NOTHING


[Or could it be that GOD existed before time, and HE created  time?]

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