What lies in Front? We do not know

No crystal ball that will us show
The way ahead remains obscure
What charms before us to allure
Or is the future filled with woe?
Places where we dare not go


So far the fates have been quite kind
On pleasant pastures we’ve reclined
Our journey’s not been fraught with trials
Not forcing frowns, but rather smiles
And the passing of the years
Brought comfort rather than much fear


Somehow our luck might soon run out
New Challenges could bring about
A change of fortune or of fate
Some burden felt in all its weight
Bring lowering of our cheerful mood
Our joy quite suddenly subdued


But why to such change and chance
Must we always look askance?
From what cause our hearts doth quickly leap
As if the wolf has scattered sheep
Emotions no longer in control
Startled by some evil troll


Why can’t our mind remain quite calm?
Finding help from inner balm
A kindly thought to reassure
Stem our response so immature
Thus weathering the gathered storm
Our thinking we might thus transform


If we could learn this gentle art
No matter what besiege our heart
We thus might cope with every threat
Without anxiety or fret
By taking time to simply wait
Thus composed, anticipate

Ken Fisher

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