Modern Art

Modern Art


Perhaps it’s just me but I find it hard to make sense

My judgment perhaps should be put into suspense

And it’s easy to dismiss something just because it is new

An idea which so far is only grasped by the few


I suppose I am conditioned by what I already know

And my adoption of new concepts remains rather slow

But Modern Art’s history stretches back a long time

And by now we might say it is well in ‘its prime’


Apparently its genesis rose from illustrious names

Such as van Gough, Cezanne, Gauguin, all of great fame

Pioneers were Romantics, Realists, Impressionists too

Cubists came next – Leger, Braque, and Picasso to name just a few


In following years Modern Art went world-wide

Its influence rather like an incoming tide

Traditional painters may have felt they had drowned

By this indefinable force that brought changes profound


But there is no doubt that Modern Art’s here to stay

Its iconic galleries will not fade away

But other art forms remain in our affection

Both old schools and new form treasured collections

Ken Fisher

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