[Our use of words is part of our humanity]


Words in all their glory

Words to tell a story

Words filled with great emotion

Words to convey a notion

Words to calm the mind

Words freeing those confined

Words to congratulate

Words that warmly celebrate

Words that show contempt

Words may great things attempt

Words used to apologise

Words to show we can be wise

Words that help educate

Words that do berate

Words that make us fret

Words we much regret

Words we should have said

Words whispered while in bed

Words not used by the shy

Words that make us sigh

Words of anger said in haste

Words that reputation did debase

Words that we anticipate

Words that came too late

Words that rebuild relations

Words to unite the nation

Words sent as from above

Words expressing our true love

Let’s not be LOST FOR WORDS!

Ken Fisher

One thought on “Words

  1. Frankly I am speechless in admiration. I thought I wrote a lot but my output pales in comparison. To sum up, I am lost for words.


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