Saving the Planet

SAVING THE PLANET [comment on current international discussions – Dec 2015]


It seems to me among the threats from which there’s no relief

is warming of the global kind which parches earth and leaf

A menace strong as solid granite

which promises a deadly blow to life throughout the planet


At first we simply turned away, pretending all was well,

but gradually increased the noise from nature’s warning bell

Awareness of this mounting vice

shown clearly in the rising tides and gently melting ice


Why worry at impending doom

this threat, if real, unlikely to be soon

Technology must have some appliance

Let’s get on and check the science


 All warnings dire of petrol fumes or dangerous emissions

are set aside by one and all as ignorant suspicions

We claim clean engines now, which never have been better

all problems solved forevermore by catalytic converter


Health experts seem overwrought on dangers of pollution

but others think it can’t be hard to find a good solution

Technocrats are sure to help and even us to save

by harnessing the power of wind, if need be, the waves


 We, in the West, too fond of having plenty

Club members of the great G20,

The good and great within its ranks

the chiefs of mighty Central Banks


 With power like that we can ensure

the pleadings of the needy poor

do not upset our life of ease

demanding we be kind to trees!


Or temper use of fossil fuels

Or other kinds of nature’s jewels

Resources of those poorer lands

grabbed by our great colonial hands


 After all, this is our life

achieved through years of work and strife

At all costs we must keep our gain

To do other, means much pain


 But all the nations rich or poor

must work together, seek a cure

And rich may need to learn to suffer

their ease may prove it all the tougher


And when it comes to issues global

problems become highly mobile

No nation stands completely safe

from tempest’s winds or ocean’s waves


 The rising tide and searing sun

challenge life for everyone

Disease and famine knock each door

No-one immune – the rich or poor


 Perhaps there is a glint of hope,

the need to find a way to cope

Each year is dawning somewhat clearer

as melt-down time seems ever nearer


 The leaders seem at last to grasp

before our breath becomes a gasp

That time is short if we’re to save

our children from an early grave


 On carbon footprints let’s step light

Gas guzzlers out – get on your bike!

On grow your own, why not be keen?

Your favourite colour should be green


 Recycle anything you can

Cut out all waste must be our plan

Turn off the power when not in use

Recycle glass if you must booze!


 And so in many little ways

Collective effort stems future blaze

Which global warming has in store

A fate we simply can’t ignore


 If citizens will do their bit

Our leaders then might well see fit

To echo modest aspirations

Giving a lead to all our nations


 This cannot be the final word

To say that would be quite absurd

The God who made this world at first

remains the One in whom we trust.


 Ken Fisher









One thought on “Saving the Planet

  1. Right now watching US presidential candidate Chris Christie speak on this very issue on MSNBC. He insists there is no crisis. Perhaps he needs to read this poem for enlightenment *smile*? PS Just started vacation with time to read your stimulating poetry *Yay!/thumbs up*.


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