The Proclaimers

The Proclaimers [Inspired by hearing Craig and Charlie Reid perform (with others) at the Royal Concert Hall Glasgow on 2 Dec 2015]

The Proclaimers - Glasgow Royal Concert Hall

The Proclaimers – Glasgow Royal Concert Hall

Just as this feisty duo belted out their perennial favourites

To an eagerly attentive audience at a recent rock concert

These now evergreen ‘lads’ certainly still know how to ‘proclaim’

The boys from Auchtermuchty still spread sunshine, not only on Leith


It set me wondering if our life performance shows that we have

Something to proclaim, something that we too would like to belt out?

Doubtless our message would not reach the deafening decibels

pulsing forth from their mega speakers – rather more hushed or muted


Yet perhaps we too might have the thought of what ‘I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)’

Or we have some still unfulfilled ambition or a yet incomplete journey

we wish to take. Maybe we had an aborted start and it’s ‘Over and Done With’ and it’s ‘Bye Bye Love’.

And ‘Let’s Get Married, is not going to happen . I wonder “What Makes You Cry?’


Or we want to go somewhere but we have ‘No Particular Place to Go’

We are not yet ‘King of the Road’ and we’re still ‘Spinning Around in Air’

But perhaps in the end we really believe ‘Love Can Move Mountains’

And we wait for our ‘Letter from America’ to all who listen in Methil, or Bathgate or wherever.


Anyway as the music comes to its ineluctable crescendo and finally

a palpable silence follows and our ears still ring as they seek relief

We are left in no doubt that the Proclaimers do proclaim, loud and clear

Our heightened senses wrestle with what our message would proclaim

Ken Fisher




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