When in the midst of these dark winter days

When we find very little that we might praise

When spirits are low and we feel ‘S-A-D’

When the political landscape seems really bad

When rumours of warfare seem to abound

When news of disasters do us astound

When days have grown short and our temper to match

When some nasty ‘flu virus is easy to catch

When Christmas is due but not quite here yet

When finding good gifts is making us fret

When meeting our bills is sure to be tight

When threats of burst pipes may give us a fright

When we’re struggling in shops and even on-line

When sorting it out takes so much time

When what we need is to simply pull back

When we should let all our tension go slack

When is not some vague time ahead

When we can stop ourselves seeing red

When must be NOW, and we know that is true

Let’s NOW take a break – yes that’s me and that’s you!

 Ken Fisher

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